For the Love of Others is ALWAYS
hard at work caring for the those in need.

Back to School

We believe that education is important. Students thrive in the classroom when they feel confident.

Thanksgiving Baskets

For Thanksgiving, we partner with local grocery stores to provide full and uncooked thanksgiving meals to different families in different communities.

Feed the Hungry

More than 35 million Americans don't know where their next meal is coming from. FTLOO prides itself on providing hot meals and groceries to people in need.

CHRISTmas Dreams Come True

Our annual CHRISTmas Dreams Come True program was created to help families provide for their children for Christmas.

No Empty Bellies

No Empty Bellies was created to provide meals to children in food insecure households.


A viral initiative started by Lauren to feed 300 homeless people by her 30th birthday, which elevated to 30,000 people instead!

Food Pantry

The Mobile Bank Program directly serves people in areas of high need in an effort to supplement other hunger-relief agencies in that area.


Couponing allows FTLO to feed hundreds or thousands of people at once, all of them hungry or homeless.