Feed the Hungry

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Even before the pandemic hit, some 13.7 million households, or 10.5% of all U.S. households, experienced food insecurity at some point during 2019, according to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That works out to more than 35 million Americans who were either unable to acquire enough food to meet their needs, or uncertain of where their next meal might come from, last year. The coronavirus pandemic has only worsened the problem. According to one estimate by researchers at Northwestern University, food insecurity more than doubled as a result of the economic crisis brought on by the outbreak, hitting as many as 23% of households earlier this year. For the Love of Others travels the US to feed the hungry is various states. FTLOO prides itself on providing hot meals and groceries to people in need.

To date, FTLOO has served over 374,976 meals in the following states:  

  • NY
  • NJ
  • DE
  • MD
  • DC
  • VA
  • GA
  • NC
  • SC
  • FL
  • CA
  • NV
  • OH
  • PA
  • LA
  • WV
  • MI
  • MO
  • IL

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